Indian Large Stocks NSE

Bullish Stocks for the Day (Large) : Axis Bank Limited (AXISBANK), Coal India Limited (COALINDIA), D.B.Corp Limited (DBCORP), >>
Hot Stocks for the Day (Large) : Axis Bank Limited (AXISBANK), Coal India Limited (COALINDIA), Graphite India Limited (GRAPHITE), >>
Most Active Securities (Large) : State Bank of India (SBIN), ICICI Bank Limited (ICICIBANK), Tata Steel Limited (TATASTEEL), >>
Top Gainers Stocks (Large) : TCI Developers Limited (TCIDEVELOP), Orient Press Limited (ORIENTLTD), HEG Limited (HEG), >>

Bullish Stocks for the Day (Large)

Axis Bank Limited (AXISBANK)
Vol.: 4251723      Change: 0.50%
Coal India Limited (COALINDIA)
Vol.: 2935183      Change: 0.63%
D.B.Corp Limited (DBCORP)
Vol.: 732964      Change: 0.02%
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX)
Vol.: 676883      Change: 2.32%
United Breweries Limited (UBL)
Vol.: 564732      Change: 4.16%
Phillips Carbon Black Limited (PHILIPCARB)
Vol.: 390274      Change: 0.23%
Godrej Industries Limited (GODREJIND)
Vol.: 340095      Change: 1.15%
Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GODREJCP)
Vol.: 284752      Change: 0.67%
Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Limited (SPARC)
Vol.: 283247      Change: 3.94%
Goa Carbon Limited (GOACARBON)
Vol.: 198893      Change: 3.91%
SRF Limited (SRF)
Vol.: 146475      Change: 1.55%
Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited (MAHINDCIE)
Vol.: 144230      Change: 3.11%
Polaris Financial Technology Limited (POLARIS)
Vol.: 125527      Change: 0.03%
Voltamp Transformers Limited (VOLTAMP)
Vol.: 47487      Change: 1.19%
Excel Industries Limited (EXCELINDUS)
Vol.: 30748      Change: 1.64%
Weizmann Forex Limited (WEIZFOREX)
Vol.: 17149      Change: 4.08%
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LAXMIMACH)
Vol.: 14979      Change: 3.10%
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd (MAYURUNIQ)
Vol.: 10895      Change: 0.56%
Bhartiya International Limited (BIL)
Vol.: 5844      Change: 1.68%
TTK Prestige Limited (TTKPRESTIG)
Vol.: 5763      Change: 1.31%
OCL India Limited (OCL)
Vol.: 5528      Change: 1.06%
Rane Holdings Limited (RANEHOLDIN)
Vol.: 4320      Change: 2.10%
Revathi Equipment Limited (REVATHI)
Vol.: 1452      Change: 2.17%