Indian Penny Stocks NSE

Bullish Stocks for the Day (Penny) : Vascon Engineers Limited (VASCONEQ), Peninsula Land Limited (PENINLAND), Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited (MURUDCERA), >>
Hot Stocks for the Day (Penny) : Sundaram Multi Pap Limited (SUNDARAM), NHPC Limited (NHPC), GTL Infrastructure Limited (GTLINFRA), >>
Most Active Securities (Penny) : Unitech Limited (UNITECH), Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JPASSOCIAT), Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM), >>
Top Gainers Stocks (Penny) : Provogue (India) Limited (PROVOGE), Transwarranty Finance Limited (TFL), W S Industries (I) Limited (WSI), >>

Bullish Stocks for the Day (Penny)

Vascon Engineers Limited (VASCONEQ)
Vol.: 3962457      Change: 5.04%
Peninsula Land Limited (PENINLAND)
Vol.: 1456865      Change: 5.77%
Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited (MURUDCERA)
Vol.: 755504      Change: 7.95%
Responsive Industries Limited (RESPONIND)
Vol.: 640560      Change: 2.85%
Zee Learn Limited (ZEELEARN)
Vol.: 572882      Change: 1.72%
Paramount Communications Limited (PARACABLES)
Vol.: 435188      Change: 4.56%
Magnum Ventures Limited (MAGNUM)
Vol.: 268419      Change: 6.74%
R Systems International Limited (RSYSTEMS)
Vol.: 91226      Change: 2.49%
Dynacons Systems & Solutions Limited (DSSL)
Vol.: 43379      Change: 7.40%
Ind-Swift Laboratories Limited (INDSWFTLAB)
Vol.: 28100      Change: 1.42%