Indian Penny Stocks NSE

Bullish Stocks for the Day (Penny) : DCW Limited (DCW), Gyscoal Alloys Limited (GAL), Mercator Limited (MERCATOR), >>
Hot Stocks for the Day (Penny) : Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL), DCW Limited (DCW), Gyscoal Alloys Limited (GAL), >>
Most Active Securities (Penny) : Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JPASSOCIAT), Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM), Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited (JPPOWER), >>
Top Gainers Stocks (Penny) : Sanghvi Forging and Engineering Limited (SANGHVIFOR), Onelife Capital Advisors Limited (ONELIFECAP), Parabolic Drugs Limited (PARABDRUGS), >>

Bullish Stocks for the Day (Penny)

DCW Limited (DCW)
Vol.: 6250530      Change: 6.29%
Gyscoal Alloys Limited (GAL)
Vol.: 4401847      Change: 12.42%
Mercator Limited (MERCATOR)
Vol.: 2290149      Change: 4.22%
Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited (HATHWAY)
Vol.: 1225625      Change: 1.17%
Lakshmi Energy and Foods Limited (LAKSHMIEFL)
Vol.: 564071      Change: 1.84%
Vol.: 533292      Change: 0.85%
Nitesh Estates Limited (NITESHEST)
Vol.: 178172      Change: 2.22%
B.A.G Films and Media Limited (BAGFILMS)
Vol.: 169305      Change: 3.33%
E-Land Apparel Limited (ELAND)
Vol.: 111135      Change: 8.21%
Pearl Polymers Limited (PEARLPOLY)
Vol.: 84152      Change: 8.89%
Megasoft Limited (MEGASOFT)
Vol.: 60841      Change: 2.83%
Ind-Swift Limited (INDSWFTLTD)
Vol.: 48480      Change: 7.23%
Vardhman Acrylics Limited (VARDHACRLC)
Vol.: 15394      Change: 1.71%
Responsive Industries Limited (RESPONIND)
Vol.: 15138      Change: 3.22%